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The Mindy Mission

Dec 28, 2018

Kassie Rhodenizer, founder and creator of Rhode to Freedom, where she shows people how to break free of social conditioning, push past their limiting beliefs and ultimately start living the life of their dreams. She started her journey with personal transformation about 3 years ago when chronic health issues with her knees began. At this point she had just completed 4 years of a bachelors degree in science and was starting a masters degree in biology, which she hated. She was  basically miserable, both physically and mentally and was searching for a way out. She realized that society has us conditioned to believe that we have to follow a certain set of rules to be successful or happy. She had followed all of the rules up until that point, but it still didn’t make her happy. She spent the next couple of years traveling and doing retreats and workshops learning about how we can break free. Since then she has become a trained energy healer and teacher, and travels the world speaking and teaching workshops on law of attraction and limiting beliefs, and how to rewrite your story.

In this episode I talk to Kassie all about how to power through limiting beliefs and how we can re-train our thought processes. She also brought up a good point on why we need to remove the word Should from our vocabulary. We overuse the word is some situations to hold ourselves back. 

You can connect with Kassie: 

IG: kassierhode

FB: Rhode to Freedem