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The Mindy Mission

Aug 26, 2019

Lauren Armstrong is a business coach who helps corporate women escape their lives of ‘should’ and create online businesses that are the freest and fullest versions of themselves. She does this by helping you tap into your intuition and understanding how you are uniquely designed to be in the world.  

Connect with Lauren: 
Instagram where I hang out daily!

To sign up for a free corporate transition call where I pull your chart, give you a mini Human Design reading and dive into your next best step for following your passion.

Human Design Business Guide : A personalized guide on how to use your Human Design in a tangible way in your business. Use the code MINDY for 15% off

Information about my upcoming Bali Retreat Discover who you are and what your meant to do in the world with a little bit of woo and a lot of practicality: