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The Mindy Mission

Aug 19, 2019

Kristyn Danieli is a business owner, motivational mentor and speaker, community builder and soulful retreat facilitator. 

Kristyn is a catalyst for radical change and will support you in transforming your ambition into your reality and guide you toward creating a business and life that is filled with joy, bliss and intention.

Kristyn dreamed of being her own boss since she can remember but spent many years trying to fit into a box she wasn’t meant to fit in. Finally, after 10 years in the corporate setting, In April of last year she traded in the cube life to follow her vision of creating her life by design and Rise Consulting was born.

Spend just five minutes with her, and next thing you know you’re telling her about your childhood and how it shaped you, what your dream job would be, or how many times you’ve fallen in and out of love... she makes you feel as though you are in the spotlight and simultaneously right at home. She will empower you to step outside of your comfort zone and inspire you to start taking action toward living your best life. She has the natural ability to make you feel seen, heard and valued.


Connect with Kristyn here:
IG: kristyn_danieli and soulsontherise