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The Mindy Mission

Jan 21, 2019

In this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Preston Pugmire Preston Pugmire is an award winning inspirational speaker and entertainer who combines the experience of over 1200 performances with audience-engaging approach to music and personal development style presentations. He lives in Idaho with his wife and two cute little kids.

His mission is to open people's minds to what they are truly capable of and assist them in discovering the leadership potential and greatness they already have. Using interactive music and personal stories, he illustrates the idea that we are all important, capable, but most importantly, connected. 

Attending a Preston Pugmire event is really unlike anything you have ever seen. Preston brings professional experience you can trust. He will connect with your group, keep them engaged and they'll occasionally become a part of the action themselves. 

Find Preston here:

IG @Preston.Pugmire

Podcast: Next Level Life Podcast