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The Mindy Mission

Jun 29, 2020

Hey friends, 

If you follow me on IG you know that I have made the choice to start weening of my anxiety meds. This is a choice that I have made and by no means do I feel that this is appropriate for all people. In th is episode I talk about my anxiety, the process of coming off of the meds, and how it is important to...

Jun 15, 2020

Hello peeps! 

Today's episode is a short solo episode all about my struggles with body image. This is something that has gone on for most of my life and at times these demons creep back up. I am pretty open and vulnerable in this episode in hopes that if you struggle with body image this gives you the permission to know...

Jun 8, 2020

This episode is to help educate my white friends and listeners on where to start. I tell you a little about my story and how I grew up in regards to racism. 

I mention in the episode about my most recent blog post. You can find that blog HERE in case you want to read more or find any of the links that I referred to in...

Jun 1, 2020

Madison Anaya is the writer, speaker, podcaster, and host of The Fearless Chase Community where she creates resources and events to help creative millennial women build a life and business with purpose. Her mission is to help others fearlessly step into who they were created to be.

In this episode we talk all things...