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The Mindy Mission

Dec 16, 2019

Hey Girlfriend! 

This episode I talk about what it looked like for me behind the scenes as I had to get real with myself and let go of things that were not bringing me joy. I give you some tips on how I did this in hopes that you can do the same if you are in the same position. 

You can let go of things and still be...

Dec 9, 2019

Hey there gals!

Are you so overwhelmed by the amount of dreams or goals you have? Maybe you really want to see your dreams come to life but you are overwhelmed on how to make them happen. This episode is for you sis. We talk why you aren't taking action and 3 steps to take you from sitting to making moves towards those...

Dec 2, 2019

Hey there gals! 

So here is the deal, I see you. This episode is for you if you are Type A and have a hard time slowing down. Always on the move, always starting something new, hitting the goal and on to the next. 

It is time to stop, slow down, celebrate your accomplishments & perfect your craft. 

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