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The Mindy Mission

Sep 8, 2020

Hey friends, I am so glad you are here for a new episode of The podcast. The last time I was here I explained that there would be some changes coming up to the podcast. Well here we are. The podcast isn’t going anywhere & I will still be bringing you some amazing content from myself & other guest speakers, but instead of doing 4 episodes a month (1x a week) we are going to 2 episodes a month. A new episode will be released every other Tuesday, so be on the look out for those. 


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Today’s episode is all about Mindset. You know I love to talk about Mindset. WIth COVID we can get into funks, well atleast I have so I am coming at you with 3 tips to help you change and reset your mood anytime you feel like you are getting into a slump. 



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