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The Mindy Mission

Nov 18, 2019

With it being one year since the podcast launched, we are relaunching some of our favorite conversations and episodes that have launched over the last year. 

This conversation with Preston Pugmire was one of my favorites. If you haven't listened to it, take the time. If you have, listen again. You will love what you...

Nov 11, 2019

In this final episode of The Mindset Series we discuss the 5 tips to FINALLY mastering your mindset once and for all! This 3 part series has been jam packed with tips, tricks and tangible ways to shift your perspective so that you can start living a more happy & fulfilled life right now! 


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Oct 28, 2019

Today on the podcast we discuss how to transfer the negative self talk we have playing on repeat into positive thoughts so that we can switch our mindset. How we speak to ourself is so important on how we feel and how we respond. 

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Oct 21, 2019

In this first episode of the 3 part Mindset series, we are talking WHY mindset is so important. This episode gives you reasons and personal stories as to why shifting my mindset is not only a game changer but a LIFE changer. 


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Oct 14, 2019

Hey hey! 

This episode is raw and real and all about my IUD story. I did this facebook live inside my free community and thought it would be good to share it here as well. If you have an IUD your experience could be totally different than mine. I am sharing my experience to help those who are also having a bad...